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Furniture Cleaning Service before the Holidays

Seems the winter months are the busiest time that your home sees the most traffic. October through February are the busiest months out of the year, from Halloween, to Thanksgiving, to Christmas, to New Years Eve, and finally to Valentine’s Day. The holidays are quickly approaching, and that means a lot of people will be coming in and out of your house. Now is the time to get your house ready for all of your family and friend visitors this holiday season. One of the ways that you can start preparing for your several guests is to clean the most comfortable place in your home: your furniture.

A good reason to hire Lafayette Carpet Cleaning to clean your furniture before your family comes for the holidays is that your furniture is the main place where you will be entertaining your guests. Second most favorite spot, next to the kitchen, is your family room. During the holidays, this room will get more lounge time than ever before, and nothing is more appealing for guests and more pleasing to you than to invite guests to a clean house and clean furniture free of dust and pet fur.

Another good reason to clean your furniture is to eliminate the spread of germs.  Perhaps you or your family has endured some cold symptoms already this winter. With all the people coming into and out of the house throughout the holidays, there is a risk of guests falling ill too. Who knows what gets left behind during these colder months when the flu virus is flying around? Better to not ruin the holidays getting someone sick because of germs that were left behind.

The top reason you should hire a furniture cleaning service before the holidays is not only for your guests, but for you!  Isn’t there enough to worry about with all the gifts to buy and food to prepare? You know that you won’t want to be cleaning when your guests arrive.  Nothing feels better than coming home from a long day of work or Christmas shopping to a clean house. You’ll be able to sit down and relax a minute on your newly cleaned furniture.

If you’re ready to get your furniture professionally cleaned before you start welcoming all of your family and friends into your home for the holidays, give Lafayette Carpet Cleaning a call soon!  It will be the best gift you’ll give yourself this season! Contact Lafayette Carpet Cleaning today to get your furniture clean and ready for the holidays.