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Lafayette, IN Best Carpet Cleaning Service

You are playing with your two dogs, Sammie and Spot, when you notice…ugh…Spot has gotten a bit too excited. It’s ok, she’s just a puppy, but something has to be done with the mess. You’ve picked it up, used the vacuum, and SCRUBBED the spot—but there’s no use. There’s still a spot.

When “Spot” Leaves a Spot

You need not fear having a pet just because of potential messes. You love your little friends, but they sometimes cause a fuss. When you’ve tried you’re best and need some rest, call the West Lafayette and Lafayette, IN best carpet cleaning service: Lafayette Carpet Cleaning.

You don’t want to keep scrubbing to the point where the stain becomes worse and gets driven deeper into the carpet; and toxic cleaners can be unsafe or simply mask the problem. Lafayette Carpet Cleaning will deep clean any pet stains with environmentally friendly solutions to make sure that you and your family will remain safe—including your furry friends that may be extra curious about the cleaning project.

Odor Order

Not only will Lafayette Carpet Cleaning make your carpet clean, but we will also get rid of nasty odors that may be lingering within the fibers of your aging carpet. Plus, with Sammie and Spot around, there is never any shortage of odor of which to be rid! In addition, rental carpet cleaning units often leave residue behind and take longer to dry, which tends to leave a musty, unpleasant odor as well. So DIY projects concerning carpet aren’t always the best idea anyway.

Lafayette, IN Best Carpet Cleaning Service

Don’t do it yourself! The act of trying to remove a stubborn spot can often make it significantly worse—while damaging your carpet at the same time. We use only the latest and finest equipment and supplies. Our equipment has more extraction power than any rental unit available to consumers. Professionally cleaned carpets dry more quickly and produce a clean and fresh-smelling result. 

Being professional carpet cleaning experts, we know which products are appropriate and safe for each situation—and of course, no two situations are alike. And you should realize that every day, we use completely safe and naturally occurring specialty enzymes that dissolve urine salts deep within your carpet (which cannot be scrubbed out). So as you can see, we want to be safe and protected as well, and we take every possible precaution to protect you, your family, and ourselves. We follow all of the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines and use the safest cleaning agents available.

We’ve been in business since 1999, so we have the experience and the expertise to be the true gold standard in carpet care. Call us Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm, at (765) 447-7832 for West Lafayette and Lafayette, IN best carpet cleaning service!