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Are you looking to get your entire home or just your carpet in your home cleaned? Look no further than Lafayette Carpet Cleaning to help you get your home cleaning started. Here is what you can expect when you contact us for our carpet cleaning services

Getting Ready for Our Carpet Cleaning Services

During your first meeting with us you can expect us to be on time and ready to evaluate your home and its cleaning needs. When we arrive at your home for your free in-home evaluation, we will first conduct a free in-home evaluation of the areas in your home that you want to be cleaned and find any problem areas that need special attention in your home. Next we will take exact measurements of the rooms and give you a fair, firm carpet cleaning quote. We will then let you know how we plan on cleaning your home. Then, we’ll let you know how to prepare those areas in your home that are going to be cleaned during our visit. That’s all that is involved when it comes to our free in-home evaluation!

Our Carpet Cleaning Services

We not only provide carpet cleaning services, but also spot treatment, Pet Odor Control, premium leather care, and both laminate and hardwood floor cleaning and care. When it comes to spot treatment and Pet Odor Control, we deep clean pet stains which completely gets rid of the stain even deep down in the carpet leaving your carpet or rug looking and smelling like brand new, which very few carpet cleaning companies can do. We also as a company like to be environmentally friendly, so we only use environmentally-safe solutions to get rid of the stains in your carpet.  We have definitely made sure that the products that we use are safe for everyone that lives in your home, including your sensitive fur kids.  

Leather Restoration Services

As for premium leather care, we can do regular cleaning, moisturization, and a protectant used to keep your leather furniture looking brand new. We use the most premium leather cleaning tools and products, and are the most up to date technology to make sure that your leather furniture is treated properly.

Hardwood and Laminate Cleaning Services

Finally, for our laminate and hardwood floor cleaning service, your hardwood or laminate flooring also needs to be deep cleaned just like your carpeting especially since hardwood flooring and laminate flooring have pores with in them that can build up with dirt. When you have your hardwood or laminate floor professionally cleaned by us we will rejuvenate your floors and remove scuff marks, spills and grime, we will also apply a coat of polymer which will protect the surface of your flooring and make it look its absolute best. Not only are dirty floors gross to look at and walk around on they can also affect the space’s over all air quality. By having your floor deep cleaned you not only improve the air quality in that area and the house but also reduce the chances of getting asthma and allergy-like symptoms.

So if you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning service that will be on time, give you a fair cleaning quote, and use the most up to date cleaning technology, give Lafayette Carpet Cleaning a call for all of your carpet cleaning needs.