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Lafayette, IN Upholstery Cleaning Service

So the holidays are now over, and your friends and family have left. The dust is settling. I’m not sure how your friends and family are, but ours are pretty rowdy. When everyone leaves, there’s food and beverage stains everywhere, and our upholstery just doesn’t look the way it did before our family arrived (Mud? There’s no mud anywhere outside, how is there mud on this?). If your family sounds as messy as ours, never fear! We deal with this type of stuff all the time, and we can get your couches looking like new with our Lafayette, IN upholstery cleaning service.

Top Technology

When it comes to your cloth and leather upholstery, we know that you have spent a lot of money on your furniture. That isn’t money you want to eat when you throw a festive gathering of family and friends. If you’re as picky with your furniture as we are, we know you spent a lot of time searching for the perfect furniture set, and you’re proud of it. Your time and money are just as important to us as they are to you. That’s why we only use the latest and greatest technology in the carpet and upholstery cleaning world. Our technology is combined with safe cleaning agents that we are every experienced in using. Your furniture will look brand new when we are finished with our upholstery cleaning services.

Leather Upholstery? Even Better!

We can clean your cloth upholstery as well as your leather furniture. Did you know that leather upholstery requires regular upkeep to maintain it’s fantastic appearance? It needs to be frequently cleaned, moisturized and protected. When it comes to your leather furniture, there is no room for error. We are professional leather cleaning experts, and your leather upholstery will look luscious and better than ever when we’re done with it!

Fun Facts

Humans shed over one million skin cells each minute. How unbelievable. These skin flakes are then embedded in your furniture and carpet. You can’t even imagine what else is hiding in your furniture. Having your cloth upholstery frequently cleaned can substantially decrease the things that are calling your furniture home. This includes dirt, dust, food crumbs, skin cells and more. No matter how clean you think you are, humans simply aren’t perfect. We can all admit to eating or spilling on furniture that we weren’t supposed to be drinking or eating near. If you have children, the furniture will be in even worse condition, at no fault of your own. Therefore, don’t worry about it any longer. Get your furniture cleaned with our Lafayette, IN upholstery cleaning service. Call us for a quote today! (765) 447-7832

Other Services

Not only can we expertly restore your cloth and leather upholstery, but we can also professionally clean your carpets and your wood and laminate floors. We also treat for pet odor and odor control. When it comes to clean furniture and floors, Lafayette Carpet Cleaning has you covered. Join our family of customers that have been ecstatic with our work. Just read our testimonials.