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Professional Carpet Cleaning for Your Business

When a client comes to a business for the first time, one of the first things they are greeted by is the carpet. Don’t let their first impressions be of dark spots and stains – Lafayette Carpet Cleaning does office building carpets as well! Give your regular cleaning crew a highly-trained back-up team to keep your business looking clean.

Let’s face it, some carpet stains are harder to remove than others. Professional carpet cleaners have conquered more than their fair share of hard-to-remove substances. Put their know-how to work for your seemingly permanent stains. Even though your carpet may look similar to others, it may be made of a different fabric blend than yours at home. Hiring a professional who can tell what material your carpet is can ensure your specific carpet material stays fresh and vibrant.

Rental equipment can leave behind excess moisture in the carpet after cleaning. This moisture can give mold the chance to grow before the carpet fully dries. Our professional equipment removes any excess moisture to prevent mold growth. From special edging tools to deep-cleaning brushes, no part of the carpet will go uncleansed – no matter what part of the office.

Most professional services can clean your carpet while you’re away. Get your carpets cleaned during office hours, or later in the day. We realize it could be difficult to conduct business while the carpet is being serviced.  Lafayette Carpet Cleaning offers flexible times that work for any business schedule.

Always hire a professional carpet cleaner that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Reputable companies offer a standard 14 to 30-day guarantee, which includes a free follow-up cleaning if there are any problems with their work. We stand by our service and will make sure you are satisfied with the job.

Offices and commercial spaces tend to get a lot of foot traffic. You want your business or office to always give a good impression. Sometimes we see things so often, our perception is completely different than someone’s first impression. Take a good look around your office space, what would the first impression be to a new comer?  Stained, dirty carpeting shouldn’t be the first thing clients and patrons notice when they walk into your place of business. Even worse, any unpleasant odors can be downright bad for business.

Get a free consultation for your business, and see how we can help keep your business glowing for all visiting clients and guests.