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Other Cleaning Services

In Lafayette, IN

Other Cleaning Services

In Lafayette, IN

Beyond Carpet

We may focus primarily on carpet cleaning for Lafayette, Indiana families, but our services go above and beyond your home’s floor. Our golden standard can be applied to spots and odors, leather and upholstered furniture, as well as laminate and hardwood flooring.

when cleaning your carpets lafayette carpet cleaning uses the highest quality products

Spot Treatment and Pet Odor Control

Our pets are part of the family. Many of us care for them like they’re our children. But sometimes, like children, they can be messy. When one of your “children” makes a mess, you can be left with a stubborn spot you can’t get clean. Scrubbing can make it worse, rubbing it deeper into the rug. And you definitely don’t want to use toxic cleaners that are unsafe for your family and may only mask the problem.

Restore your carpets to their original condition as we deep clean any pet stains with environmentally-safe solutions that completely remove any odors—and not simply mask them. Even if you don’t have any spots that need removed, you may want your carpet cleaned to remove pet odors that have developed over time.

And don’t forget about fleas. Pets are great at attracting them, and if you have your home treated, you’ll want the dead fleas and pesticides removed from your carpet!

lafayette carpet cleaning provides deep cleaning to stop pet odors

Premium Leather Care for your Furniture

There’s nothing like the look and feel of leather to provide style and comfort to your home. However, it does require regular cleaning, moisturizing, and protectant by a knowledgeable team. Leather collects dust, stains, and germs over time, and if it isn’t cleaned, your furniture can dry out and crack.

Make your leather furniture look and feel as supple as the day you brought it home! We use only premium cleaning tools and products for a fresh restoration.

lafayette carpet cleaning provides deep cleaning to stop pet odors

Laminate and Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Care

Hardwood or laminate flooring adds a particular atmosphere to your home that’s unmatched by other flooring types. But to maintain that beautiful, shining grandeur, it needs periodic deep cleaning that a mop can’t provide.

Our professional cleaning will rejuvenate your floors and remove scuff marks, spills, and grime from outside. A superior polymer can then be applied to protect the surface and give it that beautiful shine.

Another benefit is air quality. Regular cleaning reduces mold, pet dander, mildew and harmful allergens, all of which contribute to asthma and allergy symptoms. With our help, you can make sure your hardwood or laminate always look its best, while making your home cleaner and safer, overall.

lafayette carpet cleaning provides deep cleaning to stop pet odors


Keep your upholstered furniture looking as nice as the day you bought it with our help. The same golden standard we use on carpet can also be applied to your upholstered furniture. Whether you’ve had a spill, a furry friend’s continual lying down or rubbing against it, or it just feels like time to freshen up your upholstery, we’ll make sure it looks clean and new again.

lafayette carpet cleaning provides deep cleaning to stop pet odors

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