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The Best Leather Restoration Methods

Carpets aren’t the only things we specialize in at Lafayette Carpet Cleaning. Your leather seating, clothing and more can get worn out and lose the shine that makes fine leather so nice. Leather collects dust, stains and germs over time. If it isn’t cleaned, your furniture can dry out and crack. There is no vendor with more experience in Lafayette, IN, than Lafayette Carpet Cleaning when you need quality leather care.

We use only premium cleaning tools and products, to make sure your leather furniture looks as new and feels as supple as the day you brought it home. Your leather furniture is a premium product, give it care of the same caliber. Here are the top 3 reasons why Lafayette Carpet Cleaning is the best option for all of your leather restoration needs:

1. No one does it better

From discolorations due to wear to rips in the leather, Lafayette Carpet Cleaning can restore your leather to its brand new look. No matter if it is leather furniture, a jacket, or something else, expect nothing less than the best. The team uses the top-of-the-line in leather repairequipment and supplies. All dyes and materials used are guaranteed safe for your home and family.

2. We come to you

Just like our carpet cleaning services, our leather repair is a mobile solution for whatever you need looking like new! Our team members are all trained in leather repair and can restore even the most tricky of leather. From seams on leather couch cushions to car seats, we will get it done – no matter where! Our professional staff can even do leather restoration during a regular house visit while you and your family are out.

3. Save money

Fine leather and leather furniture is quite expensive. Don’t throw out or replace leather – restore it! Our service costs can save almost 90% of the cost of replacing leather in some instances. Not only does this save money, but it is the environmentally friendly option. Every step of the process, whether for repair, dying, cleaning and restoring, is tested and guaranteed to be safe. Make your furniture look like new again without paying the new furniture price.

Because we’re professional leather restoration experts, we also understand which products are the most effective for each individual situation. No two pieces of furniture are alike, and you shouldn’t use the same equipment and supplies on them.

Just like carpeting, leather is exposed to constant wear and tear from people, pets, weather and more. Give it the care it deserves, clean and restore your leather with Lafayette Carpet Cleaning. Call at (765) 447-7832 to set up your in-home consultation free-of-charge