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The Top Carpet Cleaning Company in Lafayette, Indiana

The Top Carpet Cleaning Company in Lafayette, Indiana

Did you know: that most of the DIY tricks you see online actually damage your carpets. We have seen it all. People try to put shaving cream on their carpets or mix their own chemicals. It’s blasphemy! Where do the DIY tricks end? When do you take a hard look in the mirror (and at your carpets) and realize that do-it-yourself carpet cleaning just doesn’t work? We are Lafayette Carpet Cleaning and we are the top carpet cleaning company in Lafayette, Indiana. We will make sure that you are satisfied with our services and your almost brand new carpets!

We Use the Top Carpet Cleaning Equipment 

You know those vacuum wands that you see in all the carpet cleaning commercials? Those are not nearly as amazing as the equipment that we use. Not only do we use the latest and greatest technology when it comes to cleaning your carpets but we are sure to keep up on the latest trends. When we clean your carpets we use steam and heat to clean and sanitize your carpets. This method removes all the dirt and germs from your carpet. When you get your carpets professionally cleaned by us, we are ensuring that you will breathe easier with cleaner carpets. 

Lafayette, Indiana Carpet Cleaning

If you’d like to see our before and after pictures, go ahead and visit our Carpet Cleaning Facebook page. You can see the real difference that our top carpet cleaningequipment can make. If you think that there is no help for your carpets, you are wrong! We can make them look brand new. It’s so much easier to have us do it than try to rent a machine and do it yourself. 

Leather Restoration and Care

Not only do we do carpet restoration but we also offer leather restoration! You would be amazed at the results that we can elicit from your couches and chairs. Leather restoration is not something that an unprofessional should attempt. You could really damage and ruin your expensive leather furniture and who wants that? 

Hardwood Floor Care

Similar to your carpets, did you know that your wood and laminate floors also need a deep clean every now and again? This is another job that we recommend you leave to the professionals. Wood can be damaged if the incorrect chemicals are applied. We will get rid of the following:

  • Stains
  • Spills
  • Grime
  • Scuff marks

We then apply a superior polymer to your floors to make sure that they are protected and safe from normal wear and tear. 

Lafayette Carpet Cleaning: Top Carpet Cleaning Company in Lafayette, IN 

Wow, could it get any better? Carpet cleaningpremium leather restoration and laminate and hardwood floors; Lafayette Carpet Cleaning does it all. Not only will you be pleased with the results but you will also breathe easier with all the germs, skin cells, soil, mold, mildew and pet dander removed from your carpets and floors.

Leave it to the professionals! We can easily and effectively clean your carpets. Call Lafayette Carpet Cleaning today: (765) 447-7832

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